• Tier 4 
    • Physical Mailing Address
      • Brick & Mortar Commercial Addresses increase your business credit and legitimacy well beyond residential or PO Boxes.
      • Have your mail sent here, we organize for easy pickup
      • Leave invoices, pamphlets, business cards, or any other paperwork for clients to pick up in our common area / retail space
      • Have clients drop off payments or forms in person
    • Can be utilized as a credit reference after 6 months
    • Complimentary membership to EIT’s Silver Managed Service Plan x1
    • Complimentary early access membership to EIT’s partnership with The LeaGen - an advanced referral program “Where Everyone Profits!”
  • Tier 3
    • Use of our Conference Room & Utilities

      • Openly available during business hours for general use - unless reserved

      • May be reserved for private use or after-hours use

      • Access Cards and Keys for after-hours use available with 1-year commitment

    • Complimentary early access membership to EIT’s Business Credit Builder Service (must opt-in when available)
  • Tier 2
    • Phone answering Service by our Virtual Assistants
      • 1 Virtual line included and configured for call forwarding as needed

    • Website / SEO / Social Media Management Services - base level included
  • Tier 1

    • Dedicated office space and/or storage space

    • Dedicated DAAS - Virtual Workstation included

    • Window Signage - viewable on Battlefield Blvd!

  • Custom Tier

    • Can include a combination of the other tiers and Managed Computer/Server Space

    • Extra Office Space


Referral Reward - Recommend another business each get a free month!

EIT - Shared Office Space

Price Options
Tier 4
$100.00monthly/ auto-renew
Tier 3
$200.00monthly/ auto-renew
Tier 2
$400.00monthly/ auto-renew
Tier 1
$600.00monthly/ auto-renew
We will contact you to work up a custom Tier!
$1.00monthly/ auto-renew